ECD Higher Certificate

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SAQA US ID: 64649
Duration: 12 to 18 months part-time distance learning with personal mentorship.
Quality assuring ETQA: ETDP.SETA
Qualification Type: Higher certificate
NQF Level: 5
Credits: 120
Accredited Provider: World Wide Education Providers (Pty) Ltd.
Field: Field 05 – Education, training and development
Sub Field: Early Childhood Development
Entrance Qualification: Recognition of prior learning or appropriate knowledge and skills equivalent to NQF 4.

This level 5 ECD qualification is comparable with level 3 NCVQ/SGVQ in child care and education qualifications in the UK. The qualification is relevant for employment as educator in reception year (Grade R) classes in schools, as well as health sciences and social services which are concerned with the care and development of young children.

The ECD Higher Certificate represents the first year of the ECD National Diploma and also NFDE NQF Level 5.

Complete list of the unit standards of this course
  ID Level  Title Credits
Core 13855 5 Develop and manage the ECD learning program 24
Core 13853 5 Mediate active learning in ECD programmes 36
Core 13854 5 Promote healthy development in ECD programmes 12
Fundamental 8647 5 Apply workplace communication skills 10
Fundamental 13925 5 Present information in a public setting 5
Elective 244260 5 Facilitate a Life Skills Learning Programme in the Reception Year 15
Elective 244257 5 Facilitate a Literacy Learning Programme in the Reception Year 15
Elective 244256 5 Facilitate a Numeracy Learning Programme in the Reception Year 15
Elective 10288 5 Organise a programme of learning 8

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